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ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT : Our aim is to help promising young artists further their evolution as a complete packaged professional performer through education. We are very familiar with assisting established artist looking for a fresh new look or style. We appreciate how important it is to stay relevant. Artistic growth is very important and it is our goal to nurture the artist and cultivate their strengths.

WORKSHOPS & CLASSES : We specialize in classes and workshops geared to all ages, levels and genres. This dynamic duo has over 20 years of combined teaching experience familiar to many specialty classes or special case students (blind, deaf, disabled).

PERFORMANCE & EVENTS : Our innovative team love to put our creative limits to the test by taking on any and all contracts. We pride ourselves on providing exclusive and professionally tailored performances designed to captivate each unique audience and its environment. We pay attention to detail and offer what it is our clients require for an entertaining event.

CHOREOGRAPHY : This dynamic duo offer one of a kind choreography designed specifically at the request of our clients. You will not find recycled choreography here. If it is not created on the spot you will find original steps that can and will be modified to suit the sonsumers demand. it is in with great prestige that our reputation for satisfaction is consistent.

PRIVATE & GROUP INSTRUCTION : Our non intimidating approach to teaching invites timid learners into a safe environment to express themselves. Our private and group instruction is open to those looking for personal sessions catered specifically to our clients needs. We move at the pace of the group and provided 1 on 1 instruction to each party involved.

CONSULTATIONS : We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with those wanting to excel in the entertainment industry. We offer our expertise and wisdom where it may be needed ranging from learning the basics of running a dance program, event planning, 1 on 1's, artist development and artist management.

SCHOOL DANCE PROGRAM : Our love and passion for teaching our youth is noticeably evident in observing our School Dance Programs. School students taking part in dance is not the same as teaching competitive students or students familiar with the dance studio environment. It takes qualified teachers to regard the difference and teach accordingly and we embrace this ability. 

ROSTER : Our roster of professional and unique dancers are well-versed in many disciplines of dance and ready to perform whenever needed. These dancers are available for performances, videos, stage shows, movies and whatever else you may need. Please visit our ROSTER page for more information on these dancers and what they bring to In Tha Groove Productions!

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