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Groove Nation Workshops & Showcase


     Groove Nation Workshop and Showcase (GNWS) is a unique compilation of extremely talented experienced professionals in today’s dance and entertainment industry.  Our aim is to prepare and properly educated aspiring young performers through knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are still active in the industry.  We at GNWS believe that all dancers/performers have the same potential to achieve their goals as a professional if given the right tools.  It is unanimously agreed that there are several factors that ensure the best results in advancing forward to meet these goals; Experience, Drive, Discipline and Dedication are at the top.


     With that said, what is offered at GNWS is hard to come by anywhere else.  We pride ourselves on the unique structure of our workshops. Beginning with a thorough warm up and stretch.  Dancers are taken out of their comfort zones and are exposed to new movements and full comprehension of them.  Mind and body both need nurturing in a healthy atmosphere and we thrive on this!  Each individual class is lead by accredited, experienced caring Instructors that are trained in catering to the masses.  Your students will have the opportunity to learn from 3 of our elite, caregivers for a day of intense uninhibited dance and performance training.  It doesn’t stop there!


     It is standard for us to offer more than just teaching dancers a dance routine but most importantly how to perform!  For those performers serious in taking in as much as they can absorb we have scheduled a second day of more one to one training, in a group environment.  This is where dancers learn to become performers taking what they have learned the previous day and put it into action alongside other dancers in a live performance.  In this industry it is imperative to be able to pick up choreography and perform it right away like you’ve had months to learn.


     The purpose for this type of training is to challenge dancers in a healthy aggressive learning environment where all dancers are encourage to rise to the occasion. Our organisation is designed for maximum results! Parents and studio owners alike will be proud and amazed at watching their dancers represent the schools they come from in a night of appreciation the evening of the showcase.  GNWS will no doubt be the most intensive workshop your students will take for the year, but will be the most rewarding and most informative one.  We will be holding a Q&A session on the second day to give the students the opportunity to ask any question the want about the industry, how to get into the industry, what each instructor has done professionally, their most memorable moments working in the industry and so on.  We want to allow the students to get to know our instructors and build life long relationships with them.  We encourage this.


"Our experience is built on relationship building and REALLy nurturing the dancers which is very rare in workshops today!"


     Do you want GNWS to come to your nation? Please email us at:, we would love to share our love and passion for dance and teaching with all those willing to share in the experience!



1st Groove Nation Workshop


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